Beautiful Pink Flowers

There are few plants that create greater intrigue or visual impact during spring that the flowering crab apple tree.

The eyes get entice with delicate color offered by emerging leaves and buds.

Unopened flower buds may hint of one color and as flowers open, other hues are revealed in a spectacular floral display.

Blossoms open from pink buds and change to paler shades after opening, creating a beautiful pink cloud lasting several weeks.

When I got the crab apple and pear tree I did not want them to grow too big, so I kept pruning them through the first year and when spring came I did not get any flowers I was very disappointed, I had read about when to prune and when not to prune, but did not listen to the book, last year I pruned them right after spring and left them alone through the year. This spring they were all full of flowers... beautiful pink flowers

Now I know that by mid-June to early July, flower buds for the next season are beginning to form. Pruning after July will reduce floral display the following year.

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