Carolina Wren??

It's time for soccer. I have gone to a couple of practices and had to stay standing up, except when my friend's Bebote (husband) was kind to let me sit in his chair.

I remembered that I bought picnic chairs, last season, to sit at my kids games and practices. But didn't see them anywhere in the house or my car. My friend has green chairs that look a little like mine. It cross my mind that maybe I let them borrow them and didn't get them back. That's just crazy, they wouldn't do that!

So I decided to check the last possible spot, the shed.

I got there and started digging in the pile of stuff, throwing stuff everywhere. It was a good time to organize that shed a little. And right when I was about to move some long tools that were leaning against a shelf I got there, I saw my pot where I put my gloves with a pile of sticks. It's a nest! I had to put the brakes to the throwing and moving stuff. I didn't want to move anything else that may be holding the pot in that position.

Later on I went back to check it out and the bird was there. She is soo cute! And just ducks when I get close to her nest. She blends or camouflages really good. All I see is her blinking eyes!For the little that I was able to see, I would say it's a Carolina Wren. They say that Carolina Wrens nest in cavities.

I found the chairs, I'm not missing anything else, and it would be rude to disturb a nest. Oh well, I guess I will have to wait to clean that shed some other day.


When I Move Plants

Today was a rainy day. If I had plans for the weekend I would be a little bummed. Not this time, I was glad when I saw the weather forecast, raining on saturday. I started to move plants friday, but I get tired easily and had to slow down. And I made plans to wake up early, and didn't happened. I still used as much time as I could before the rain.

Moving plants the day before or on raining days, is the best time to do it. I believe that there is something in the water from the clouds, and not being sunny, that helps the plants not get in shock.

Sometimes, if I have the energy, I get a rain coat and move plants when it's raining! I know! I had some teenager neighbors that looked at me sideways. They probably called me the cuckoo plant lady! I don't blame them! It's weird to see someone gardening in the rain.

Me on friday, with a foxglove in my hands, they look like big lettuces.

I try to keep my hands clean. I started with gloves, but they get on the way! And in the middle of gardening I took them off.


Crabapple Tree


My crabapple tree is having its spring show! I took some pictures, only about 100, not to many :).

I uploaded them on Facebook. And if I get a chance I'll share some in here later.

A picture of me, I can stay the whole day looking at it!


For Now

It's that time again! Daffodils blooming!

I have a big show of these yellow flowers all over my garden. But I will wait to show the pictures. Because by the time I decide which picture is the best to upload, I already took another picture that I think will look better.

Almost all the buds are open, so I think these are the best pictures of daffodil flower buds.



Here is how my crocuses looked like in other years. It was my first time planting bulbs. I had seen many pictures of groups of bulbs looking better than when they were planted separate. And I didn't have experience with flowers from this zone.

Also, not all the bulbs are planted the same dept. Tulips, daffodils, and irises are planted deeper than crocuses. That's why I didn't think about overcrowding issues. And neither did I think that bulbs reproduce!

I loved how they came out the next year. And friends that saw my garden liked to see the groups of blooming bulbs.

It was the time when the kids were younger, school was easy to do, and they didn't want to go here and there. It was perfectly fine to just play in the backyard. I had all that time to get really creative in the garden. I even put red mulch!

I think that white is not a very common color for crocuses, but in other years I even had white crocuses!

Now, fast forward to this year. I had to go searching for crocuses! And I almost didn't find any!

I'm writhing about them, to say that I know crocuses and that I have planted them. But this year I didn't get too many crocuses. And I will show you pictures from 2009. It might sound like living in the past. I think I'll get away with it, because you like me?


Crocuses are one of the first flowers to bloom in my garden. They bloom at the same time or a little after the Lenten Rose. In this picture from 2009, there are still leaves from the fall of the year before.
It's nice to see them in the middle of the grey and brown winter. It's like hope of life among dead. I miss my crocuses!

I think I learned my lesson, but I will make a little list of what NOT TO DO when planting crocuses.

1. DO NOT plant them too close with other bulbs. I think the other bulbs suck all the nutrients and leave nothing for the crocuses.
This picture, from 2009, shows all the bulbs I put in one hole. I put tulips, irises and daffodils, To many of them!

2. IF I WANT beautiful little flowers in the beginning of the blooming season, I should plant some bulbs in the fall.

3. I SHOULD fertilized them in the fall. That way they would have enough nutrients for the many other bulbs I put in the hole. ( If I happen to ignore #1. I better not!!)

These two pictures are from the same spot.


2012, Only one crocus bloomed!

All the pictures are from 2009, except the ones that have 2012 on the top.


1/4 to go!!

Hola everyone.

Here is a picture of my cross stitching job. The last time I gave you an update on it, was last year in November. Then we went to Nebraska, at there I had a lot of time to just stitch. But then I got back home. Here I only stitch while waiting for my doctor's appointments, and while I wait when the kids do their extracurricular activities. I still think that I have done some progress. I'm almost done, about 1/4 to go!
I was shooting to have it finished by Easter, but it's only a month left. Not sure about that.

And I tried! Once a week my daughter goes to play with other homeschoolers, for two hours! I took the thing to the place, but didn't get to it. I end up chit chatting with the ladies instead. Oh well, at least I had a good time with my friends!

If you wonder how it will look when it gets finished, there is a picture of it here.