Blooming Perennials

For me doing school at home is so rewarding. My two children know how to read, write, add, divide and all that a first and third grader needs to know, I have been busy all year long teaching so when the summer comes we ready to take the test and be done with it, but not for me. Now is the time to start thinking for next year, shop for curriculum and all that is needed for second and forth grade. When I started this blog I was thinking I can show off every plant I have as soon as it blooms, write about fertilizers, tips I have learned and more... its just not possible for me, still I want to share this pictures of my garden.


The Black and White Sweet Thing

What is white, black and sweet?

An Oreo!

My son turned 10, I had said to him that we would have a dog when he become 10 year old so he would take care of it.

And this is what we found a female mix of Boston Terrier and Schipperke

The person we got it from had already named her Oreo.


My New Cross Stitching Project

I will start this new project
John 3:16-17 picture.
Here is the chart, yes, this black and white paper will help me make the material colorful, and then into a beautiful Easter picture to hang on a wall.
I cross stitch only about an hour each week so maybe it will be ready in 2 or 3 Easters later.



My my kids play the piano. We practice in the house with a keyboard and when they take their lesson, they play the piano. Sometimes my son would not play the piano as well as when he practiced in the house with the keyboard and tell to his teacher that he did not press the keys hard because he is used to play them soft on the keyboard and still make the right sound. I heard this story over and over for a long time. Also one day a thought came to me that I would like to have a piano, I had to make myself erase it and told me that it was out of my dreams. There is no way I would buy a piano not even a used one.

At her house to load it.

Then one day my son was telling the same story to the teacher and she said: Would you like to have a piano? I think he didn't know what to say, but he said that we didn't have space for it. The teacher said: well, why don't you talk to your mom and you can have my piano. I was there listening and did not believe what she was saying. A piano! say yes, say yes, even if we have to get rid of your bed to make space for it, I just kept quiet until the lesson was over, then I told her that of course we get the piano!

On my driveway unloading it.

So yes, we get the piano, but they are heavy and there are like five stairs at the entrance of her house and another five stairs to get to my house door, I needed to get help from about 4 guys. First I talked with someone, and didn't get any help only an idea: There are companies that move pianos. The piano needs to be tuned, and then pay a moving company? No, there is not enough money for both.

Getting it trough my front stairs.

On our way to church, I turned to the kids and asked them to pray to God to send someone to help us. At church I asked this gentleman and he was like, of course I will help you, just give me the address, I'm wide open, just let me know what day is good for you. After that, three more strong men answer me in the same way. So today we got a piano. God blesses me beyond my imagination, I'm a spoiled child of Him.