At The Corner

Here is what I think was the cutest little tree at the corner! The pictures were taken last month at
Colonial Williamsburg, around the time when the big trees are putting out their colorful show.
This little tree, or bush, was also making a big statement at the corner, behind a white picket fence.
I have no idea what the name of it is! It caught my attention because from far way it looked like a forsythia bush to me. I had to get close and find out if it was possible that a forsythia was blooming in the fall.


I know I've said no more posts about leaves, but these are not leaves. These are little ribbons!
Does anybody knows what type of tree or bush is this?

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Virginia Beach's Seagulls

We had been wondering how Virginia Beach looked  like during the cold days. So some days ago we
visited. There were some walkers, and some joggers but other than that, it was practically empty!
Except for the seagulls, there is always going to be seagulls at the beach.

 It was too cold to even walk by the waves because we were scared of getting wet.
  We walked around finding seashells, items from the sea with barnacles, seaweed, and skate
egg cases. And our "main attraction" was something that looked like a dead sting ray. I took some
pictures of the poor thing and kids turned around. And thought that the seagulls would
come and eat it, but they didn't, they were more interested in eating seaweed.

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Energized Oreo

Here is my little dog Oreo playing with her everlasting toy, a rope hanging from a tree that 
was originally used for a tire swing.  We are so happy that she found this rope, it keeps her busy
and gives us a break. She is very active! It's been some weeks ago that she found it, another
good thing, because her toys only last her for days, and sometimes only hours.

 Now she spends a lot of time playing with this rope, only stopping to smell around and make
 sure everything is in order, then she goes back to it, as if she had just found it all over again.

With all those leaves and the beautiful sunset, I tried to take some good fall pictures of her. You know, 
I wanted some of those cute fall pictures with leaves all over and her posing  for me, looking at my camera, 
but that ended up being a total failure. She  kept moving all over the place sniffing the air for intruders.

Anyway, at least I can show off where she got her name from.  She is all black with a little white on her chest, just like an Oreo cookie. We didn't name her, that was the name they had already given to her when we got her, and we decided to leave like that since she can also be as sweet as a cookie.

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Last Post About Leaves?

This is what happens after Fall Foliage Show, trees get naked and trow their leaves all over the place!

There are  still some leaves hanging tight on the trees, for now, but the rainy and windy days are
 coming, so this might be the last post with leaves on the trees after all.

These pictures are from Sandy Bottom Nature Park at Hampton, Virginia.

It's very interesting what the city of Hampton have done on these 456 acres! 
At one point this place was a garbage dump, but then they got environmental conscious and 
turned it into an environmental education and wildlife management facility. Where we can go
 camping,  fishing, canoeing or just take a  walk to enjoy native wild life. I'm kind of 
summarizing the little that I know. If you are more interested about it, please read here.

They also have native animals on display. According to them, those are animals that 
are found hurt and they have rescued them.  But if you wonder about other animals  on 
display that are not hurt at all, like above squirrel. Well, They are display volunteers!

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Hi everyone! I hope that all of you that celebrated Thanksgiving had a great time with your 
loved ones.  For me, kids were out of school, I just had to place everything else on hold and enjoy 
my two bundles of joy.  Now they're back in school, I finally get to do my thing like sit around and 
just enjoy the silence, cleaning the garden, and of course do some blogging to.

 I'm very excited that the suet doesn't melt with the warm summer weather anymore!
 I've had put suet out for awhile, but it took some time for the woodpeckers to notice it. 
I don't know if this woodpecker had been at the feeder before, 
but these are the pictures of the first time I saw it.

I also have this other one visiting me too. 

Then I have this finch couple, they're kind of funny. The female knows there is something not right at the window and keeps a sharp eye on it, at first the male suspects it too, but then he just goes on eating.

Not her, nobody is going to fool her, she is sure someone is watching them!

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Some Of It

From my walk of yesterday, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a very thick sweater and a windbreaker jacket. This guy, he was fishing with only a short sleeve t-shirt on!


I'm so glad Oreo found the rope left hanging at my tree form a tire swing.
Now she spends her time playing with it, and gives me a break.
She is full of energy, (think of Energizer Bunny) I can't keep with her!


 Butterflies  in three different stages caterpillar, chrysalis and finally butterfly. (Couldn't find an egg picture)

This year I started a new adventure, rearing caterpillars. Caterpillars are listed as crop pests and
they do eat plants all the way until there is not a single leaf left!  But I plant the parsley, fennel, snapdragon,
rue, and many other plants just for them. In return I have these beauties flying all over my garden.

Black Swallowtail female on the left and male on the right

Some tree branches are still on summer mode.


"Junco is a common winter visitor to many backyards. In some regions, this bird is resident year
round, but in many regions of the US, their arrival signals the beginning of the winter season."
(From random internet bird site.)

Juncos are not  residents of my region, I saw this one at my backyard
yesterday,  one more hint that  winter is near!

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Coneflower seeds.
One of the awesome things about being a gardener is that I get to witness how 
the little seeds from the above  became these tall plants full of pink flowers below.

Coneflower at my garden,  from 2010.

I planted these seeds back in September, it was time to put them in their own little pot. 
Then I will plant them at the garden where they will go to sleep in the winter to 
wake up  sometime in the spring,  when weather gets warm.

Oh, my life in the city! Most of the things I do, I do them inside my cage. 
We around here call it fence, got to have it, it also comes in handy for the picture's backdrop.

Cutie is always around helping me, where would I be without him!

 Have you ever wondered how long are the roots of a 2" seedling?

Being patriotic, 2010

Poor guy, he works so hard that he passed out in the middle of the job!

Coneflowers  among other plants,  from 2010.