Last Post About Leaves?

This is what happens after Fall Foliage Show, trees get naked and trow their leaves all over the place!

There are  still some leaves hanging tight on the trees, for now, but the rainy and windy days are
 coming, so this might be the last post with leaves on the trees after all.

These pictures are from Sandy Bottom Nature Park at Hampton, Virginia.

It's very interesting what the city of Hampton have done on these 456 acres! 
At one point this place was a garbage dump, but then they got environmental conscious and 
turned it into an environmental education and wildlife management facility. Where we can go
 camping,  fishing, canoeing or just take a  walk to enjoy native wild life. I'm kind of 
summarizing the little that I know. If you are more interested about it, please read here.

They also have native animals on display. According to them, those are animals that 
are found hurt and they have rescued them.  But if you wonder about other animals  on 
display that are not hurt at all, like above squirrel. Well, They are display volunteers!

Thank you for your visit!!

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  1. That is a beautiful fence in a lovely snow free area :D
    And I like the display volunteers very much :)


  2. Nos gusta el otoño, por sus colores, pero da mucho trabajo.El parque de aquí también lo limpian todas las mañanasl, amanece lleno de hojas.
    Un beso.

  3. Have fun in rehab Mr. Squirrel. Get well soon.

  4. it's a very pretty place. thanks for sharing the fences and leaves, too. we've lost a good deal of our autumn leaves last week with high winds. :)

  5. Ha! I smiled when I read that the squirrels are volunteers!

  6. Nice fences, and the leaves and all. I enjoyed all. Not sure what is sitting on your 4th fence.

  7. I love this time of year. The photos are fantastic!

  8. Wonderful fence shots. I really like the round knobs on the fence tops. Also enjoyed seeing the owl and the cute squirrel.

  9. What a great idea to make something beautiful on that land. I love the light through the leaves.

  10. Hello Leticia and thank you for revisiting my blog. Here's where you can read about bird ringing/banding.


  11. Lovely photos! I really like the fence posts! It surprised me to hear you mention the city of Hampton; we have a city with the same name here in Northern Iowa.

  12. wonderful autumn images and a pretty fence. I think squirrels are volunteers everywhere.

  13. Still lovely to see the last of the autumn leaves adn there are lovely fences around them

  14. Fantastic images....I can almost smell the Autumn/Leaves fragrance as they lay on the damp ground. Oh, and the Owl in the caged fencing....fabulous.