The Orange Lily Rocking it at my Garden

 More pictures with water droplets.
It's been raining and raining here at the Hampton Roads Area.

This is another plant that I got a long time ago when I started gardening. 
I also have it in pink. I really like the pink one and there is not a year that I don't take 
a picture of it to show it off.

So today I will be fair and do a post of only  the orange one. 
After all it's a good lily, if it wasn't for it, my neglected garden wouldn't be full of color right now.

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Water Droplets

Last week we had a couple of rainy days. On one of those days the rain
with thunders and lightnings caught me when I was doing my daily walk.
I wish I knew the weather was going be be like that, I wouldn't have gone.
It's so scary to be in the woods when thundering and lightning!

On the other side, I'm so glad we got the rain, my plants needed.
And I got the chance to take these cool pictures.

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Rainy Memory


What's Blooming

It's been around two years since I took care of my garden the way it 
supposed to be. It most be all the good stuff I put on the soil when 
I first started this garden adventure that keeps feeding my plants. 

The Black Eyed Susan has a big show on a little space I have besides my walkway.

Cone flowers are trying their best to put up a show, I've seen it bloom much better other years.
 I'm still grateful they're giving me some pink color this year.

I can't believe this Daisy is blooming this late!

I only have one Snow Glory left.

The Nandinas bushes are full of flowers. 
Good! I'm counting on them to give me their red berries color for the fall and gray winter.

More yellow flowers, Coreopsis.

The Evening Primroses have take over my garden! 
I still need to get rid of last year's Lantana sticks.

In other years I would have this tall salvia putting up a blue show all over my garden. 
I'm sure when I get back to take care of it, I will have blue flowers all over again.

I also have a short size Salvia. But it is in it's last days of blooming. Yellow lilies on the back.

The knockout Roses always blooming. 
Here they're giving some company to the tall pink lilies.

I got these lilies long time ago and since then every year they put out a spectacular show!

I also have them in orange or is it salmon? 

These for sure are orange Lilies!

The Johnny Jump ups trying to get through the lilies leaves.

They are also in the grass, right along with the Clover.

And speaking of which, my lawn is full of Clover! And it's blooming too!

Same this weed and  I can't help to like them, for now. 
But eventually, I will have to root them out.


Baby Cardinals

Baby cardinals hatched!! I think it was yesterday. 
That's when I saw their little beaks  sticking out of the nest. 
But mom and dad birds don't leave the nest for nothing. 
So finally today I got a chance to take a picture. 
Baby birds look interesting on their birthday's suit!


Behind the scenes

My cat Cutie striking the lazy pose at one of his many photo shoots.

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Never Ending Bloomer

I love this lily! It blooms all throughout the season.

 I wish I knew what type of lily it is, so if it ever dies on me I would know what to buy.
But this is one of my first plants and in those days I just planted plants with out saving their tags.

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                    The world cup is here!     



This is the welcome sign you'll see if you ever enter the state of Virginia,
it has a cardinal, because cardinals are it's state birds.
I also think that it's letting us know that we'll see cardinals all over the place.

But it's fine for me see cardinal all over the place, because I think they're beautiful!

Here in Virginia I get to enjoy cardinals and many other birds from my kitchen window.

 It's been about two years since I put up the feeders, 
so I was so surprised  to see birds eating form them right away. 
Just as if I never left!

And this year I got blessed with a cardinal nest right by my bedroom window! 

At first I thought the eggs were of a Northern Mocking Bird.
 Because when I googled "blue speckled eggs", that's what came up. 
But then when I peeked through the window I saw a female cardinal. 
I can't wait for these eggs to hatch!



Back to cooking at my kitchen, and time to put some color in this blog. 
For my blog header I will put a picture that tells about my colorful home.


Oreo and her Rubber Ducky

My daughter brought this rubber ducky from school.
And since Oreo got a hold of it, it has been her favorite toy.

Sometimes she goes rough at it, and we feel sorry for that poor rubber ducky.

But other times she  just looks at it with a "I love you" face.

 And there are also some times that she just looks silly!


Orange Lily

This is my faithful first blooming lily in my garden.

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Wild Onions at my Fence

I just moved back from Nebraska to Virginia. 
My garden has been not taken care of for the last two years or so, 
and some plants AKA weeds have been thriving on my good soil. 

 One of them are these wild onions. 
 I will have to pull them out, but can't help to like the way they look in my fence.

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