Using our Umbrella

I love to live right by the ocean, we can be in the beach in 10 minutes any day we want!

In hurricane season, we are not so happy to be that close to the ocean. When we heard about Hurricane Bill, we began to wonder how much mess we will have to clean, would we have to evacuate? and more... Bill passed Virginia's coast some hundred miles away, I was so glad for the rain it brought us, and even got a chance to use our Ducks Unlimited umbrella.


Their Way to Do Art

I taught him Art Lessons many times, but he was not into coloring. I wanted my son to have some type of Art knowledge, but he was no into sitting down and deal with colors, so I gave up. I wasn't the only one, other moms sympathised with me, they also wanted their boys to sit down and do Art, but they wanted to climb trees, learn new tricks with their scooters, and play video games. Then he started sitting down in the computer for long times, I would complain over and over, until one day I picked to see what he was into, and wow! Children can make Art with computers! OK ,son sit there and keep painting in your own way, and sorry that I put learning Art in a box. Wrecked rainbow

My girl does like to do coloring, cutting with scissors and all the things to make Art and crafts, but saw brothers paintings and wanted to do her own. Colorful Squares


Black Swallowtail Butterfly

This morning a Black Swallowtail butterfly visited my garden.

I had to take some pictures of it! just like fifty of them.

The part that I liked the most was when it flew by the Blue Salvia.

The blue of its wings and the Salvia made a striking combination.

And check out the colors under its wings! Only God would come up with such a beautiful thing.


Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

I was doing something, I think it was taking the trash dumpster to the street, for the city to take it... when I saw a black and white butterfly, its my first for this year, I began yelling to my kids to bring me the camera.

I took many pictures of it, and try to catch it but it flew away.

And I'm glad it didn't, because yesterday I tried to catch another, a yellow one, and I broke its wing, I felt really bad for the poor thing.

Besides, I dream of having a bunch of them flying around my garden so I try to just watch them without hurting them so they'll keep reproducing.


Mr. Chin

If you just got back from an exciting vacation and your parents are exhausted from the trip. You will need to find a way to take boredom under control. Here are some ideas; read a book, play solitary, pick on your little sister, pest your big brother or do crafts and take pictures of it. To do the last, you will need to find a pass out adult, put eyes on his/her chin, and begin shooting.


Missing our Nebraska Friends

We just got back from Nebraska, we are feeling so lonely, missing our friends. On Sunday we were so tired of driving back, we were thinking we stop somewhere for the day, but we remember the cat and kept driving until we saw the welcome to Virginia sign. And when we got home we squeezed the hair ball for a long time.