Memorial Day

Here is another post about memorial day, here is last year's.

For some reason this is the second year that I get to take it easy on this weekend. And that is how I get the chance to take pictures of our beautiful flag. I keep the flag inside for most of the year, but on Memorial Day I make the time to display it. I'm very grateful for all the people that have given their life to protect our country!

I served the country too, but it was in peace time. So I'm so proud I have served, but I know it was soo easy compared to what other have done and are doing these days. May God bless you and your family.

Thank you for your service!!


Mother's Day

Yes, I'm still alive! Is been awhile since I post anything in here! Life has been soo busy! But I really need to show off what the kids did for me on Mother's Day! I like chocolates and on Sunday School they made this little boxes that look like kisses chocolate. I got 2 of them, one very colorful, from my daughter. And the other one, very simple, but still full of love, from my son.
Then they wrapped them and tied them up with a ribbon. Thank you kids!!