Flowers and Fury

When taking pictures of flowers I caught a picture of my dog, Oreo, getting upset with some passing byers. She is very protective. And doesn't care what size the person or dog is!

Sometimes I call her Night Fury, I think she looks a lot like Toothless, the dark dragon from the movie How to train your Dragon. 


Black Eyed Susan

I didn't plant these Black Eyed Susans! They came out by themselves at my back yard.

 Last week when I cut my grass. I had to go around them, feel bad to cut them.

But I made a deal with kids. I do what ever I want in the front yard and they keep the back yard for themselves. They haven't say anything, yet. But if for some reason a ball brakes them, I can't say anything!! It's their back yard! LOL.


Rainy Day

I love birds! And I'm against keeping them in cages!

So, what do I do to get close to them? I feed them.  I have a feeder beside my kitchen window. And that's how I get close to them.

I've seen pictures of people feeding birds from their hands. That's something that I soo want to happen to me. But all the times we (my daughter also dreams of feeding birds from her hand) sit out there with bird food in our hands, the birds won't come!

To take pictures of them, I turn off all the lights and get as close as I can to the window. I also took a couple of slats out of my blinds.

Robins are fun to watch! They stand still for little bit, and then they take off and start tugging out earth

Since I'm a gardener, I know the importance of having worms in the soil.  Sometimes I get mad with the robins for eating my worms. I made a deal with this one. He posed for my blog picture, and I let him have some of my worms.  :)

Pictures from a rainy day back in March.

I have posted many other pictures at my Facebook page. If you have an account, click here for 2011, and here for 2012.



This is how my garden looks like these days.

Lately is been the lilies time to show off. But I think this is one of the last lilies, that I was expecting to bloom. When I got it, the label for it said that it's name was Visa.


There is, or was, :(  a red day lily that usually blooms in the middle of summer. But I don't know if I'll get to see it this year. The lily I'm talking about is soo beautiful, and because I liked soo much, I think that I over separated and it might just died.

This happens a lot when I get greedy.

 Over separating plants kills them!!



Bumblebees are cute and fun to watch them fly from flower to flower.

They may look scary, but they wont do anything. I water the plants, pick out weeds and deadhead  flowers right beside them and never have they stung me.

 They are not any ordinary bug, they even got their own song!




I have a big show going on at my garden. The black-eyed sussan is blooming like crazy. I think it is competing with the lilies!


Being a single mother, can get very exciting. So exciting that there is no time to write on a blog. But since the public school, in Virginia, went on Summer vacation, my schedule got a little more flexible. Now I have some extra time to do nothing! Getting bored, I think I will go back to the blog and post something.