Friend's Garden

Yesterday our friends invited us over for dinner, It was delicious!

And I got to go in their garden. Now that I don't have my garden I take pictures of other's gardens.
I'm not a fan of annuals plants, but for now, they'll do.

They keep a circle under their crab apple tree full of flowers every year. Love the contrast of purple salvia and red impatiens!

Her geraniums are full of flowers, but the hot sun has damaged them so the pictures I took of them were not so pretty. Good thing the plant its full of buds!

Petunias always save the day. And this one is blooming like there is no tomorrow! So pretty!

They feed the birds, one more thing I miss about my house in Virginia! And this little guy or gal, gave me a hard time to capture it! Humming birds are such a fast fliers!

They also have tomato plants and were going crazy with the pile of them. So I took some home with me to give them a break. Time to make salsa!

She put some grape tomatoes in a zip-lock bag for us to take home, but they didn't make it to the car. We gobbled them up in a blink of an eye! Even the red one below was gone after I took the picture!
I was going to camp there and wait for the others to ripen, but didn't want to look so desperate.

The things I have to do to keep my good reputation!


Blog Header Picture

I think I'll go back to my blog, but first I will do some fixing here and there. One thing I'll do for now on, is writing about the picture I display with my blog title. I change this picture a lot. Here is were I put a picture of where am I in my life. This time I'm living in Omaha. There are a lots of hills here, I slowly, very slooowwly getting used to drive in this city, especially when its windy! I feel the air getting under my truck and I think it will flip it!! Yikes!!

But I'm a sunset type of girl. And the Midwest has a unique way to put a show with the open sky.

So I will display this picture I took when I went to South Omaha or A.K.A La Veinticuatro or Little Mexico .  I was driving west on L St. It's not exactly a sunset, but it will sure show how cool  the sky looks like when driving around this city and ending up on top of a hill.

It's beautiful!!