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I think I'll go back to my blog, but first I will do some fixing here and there. One thing I'll do for now on, is writing about the picture I display with my blog title. I change this picture a lot. Here is were I put a picture of where am I in my life. This time I'm living in Omaha. There are a lots of hills here, I slowly, very slooowwly getting used to drive in this city, especially when its windy! I feel the air getting under my truck and I think it will flip it!! Yikes!!

But I'm a sunset type of girl. And the Midwest has a unique way to put a show with the open sky.

So I will display this picture I took when I went to South Omaha or A.K.A La Veinticuatro or Little Mexico .  I was driving west on L St. It's not exactly a sunset, but it will sure show how cool  the sky looks like when driving around this city and ending up on top of a hill.

It's beautiful!!

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