I'm so excited about the new additions to the kitchen of my Nebraska apartment!  

The additions are these towels, the little ones to clean and the larger ones to dry hands and dishes.

I took this picture by the window that faces the back of the apartments. The birch trees give me a great view.  Most  of Nebraska has a grey color, but I get this beautiful warm view from a couple of birch trees in the back of the apartments. I'm so grateful for it!

I also got some other tools. My kids stopped using bottle long ago! But I have been using tall glass jars when I make kefir and this bottle brush comes really handy at the time of cleaning them. 
I thought this blind cleaner was neat to have, instead of cleaning one by one, I will clean two at the time.

I'm currently reading a really neat book called The Photographic Garden
If you know me, you probably have seen my garden pictures, and maybe noticed that I like to take pictures in the morning or in the evening.
I seldom take pictures in the middle of the day.

Here is a picture of my garden sometime in the spring of 2012.

I'm not a photographer, but wish to be one, a good one.
I feel like I have a long way to go, to be comfortable of taking pictures with the blasting midday sun.

 But this guy is a photographer, and for what I have read, so far, he also takes pictures early with the morning light or late with the evening light. For me, that's comforting to know!

But we are talking about kitchen stuff.
And going back to it, I will quote some lines from The Photographic Garden  that got me inspired to put some color around this apartment:

"...The colors of morning and early evening are mainly in the red spectrum, and include values of red, orange, and yellow.
These warm colors act almost universally on the visual and we perceive them as comforting, stimulating, and energizing...
Shooting in the red spectrum holds psychological sway over us, and the garden image, bathe in the warm light of daybreak, will always beckon and stimulate.  It will pull us in.
Your image need t be an invitation, an evocation of paradise..."

This is what I want to feel when I see my kitchen. And colors do the job, they brighten the pile of dirty dishes and pull me in to get going with the cooking.

Here is one of the pictures of how Nebraska looks like in the winter.
A little yellow, but not enough. And all that grey makes me want to be under the covers all day long!
I have no problem with it, but kids get hungry.
I need do the chromodynamics.

But I will not blame  all my winter chaser-color behavior to this beautiful view.
  I go through this hunting for color situation every winter!
  Here is what I did some winters ago when I used to live in Virginia.


Airplane Window View

I had to go to Virginia and get some stuff I forgot when I left. Who knew I was going to need that!
I left really early from Omaha to Atlanta.

Of course, everyone goes through Atlanta when flying.
My last pastor used to joke around, and say that we all go through Atlanta, including in the rapture!

 An airport is a very complex environment and every little detail counts.

A person directing the airplane out of the gate.

Communications with the tower.

I also got this picture of someone making sure military members get their final travel with dignity.

 And this is only what I was able to catch from my window.

It's amazing to see how everyone that works at the airport contributes a little to make sure airplanes land and take off, so we can get there to our destination!

I think this is really cool, but probably it's just me, since I don't fly often. I'm sure it's all normal to those that fly frequently.

At the Same time, I remember that when I was in the Navy I used to be looking at flight operations on the flight deck from the tower of the USS Nimitz, for a long time. 

I almost did it everyday, for more than six months, and got a bunch of pictures too!


It's interesting what we find when we get to clean the dog house.

Finally I know why I found my sock cut in 14 pieces, my extension cord cut in 21 pieces, and my... 
I got a smart dog! :)


My Carton Box Addicted Cat

What do you think of the furry Commercial Grade Cutting Boards?  Hahahaha!

This is my cat, his name is Cutie.  Its been a long time since I posted about him in this blog. 
If you want to see posts of him, they are herehereherehere, and he was on my second post ever on this blog!

Every time we leave a box around he gets in it! You should've seen him when the box is to small for him, he looks soo funny trying to fit his chubby body  in it! 

Here he got into a juice box, and got frustrated for not being able to put his two  front legs in it!

One of the days I was at Sam's I saw this box, and I knew Cutie would love it.  

Off course, my daughter had to ask me why was I taking it. I had to explain to her that Sam's wouldn't mind. 
But then I got the next question: "What are you using it for? You can't put anything in it, because of the bumps in it" 

I told her that it was for Cutie.

It's hard to make cats do what we want to.  They refuse to be like dogs, master pleasers.

It has been said that there is no cats in captivity, we are the ones being  held captive by cats!!

So my daughter had to say: "There is no way you're going to make Cutie get in this box!" 
But I knew those bumps would be just perfect for him to rest his paws.

So I brought the box home, and by the time we put our groceries in place, the cat was all comfy in his Commercial Grade Cutting Boards box.

And about me being slave to the cat: Of course, there is no way I'll admit that this little fur ball is my master!

But my actions are different. As soon as he mews, I kind of spring out, and answer to his needs!
What have I become!?  I'm such a cat's slave!! 

 I hope my Dad never finds out about it. I'm sure he would slap me in the face, take the fur ball, throw it out side, and tell it to go hunting for mice.

But Cutie used to be an outdoor cat, when we lived in Virginia.

Now we live in an apartment, on the last floor, the third floor. And me being such a cat sucker, I'm afraid to let him out.
He might forget how to get back  to his home on the third floor!
 And I will not wait for him down there when he comes back, to show him the way back to our apartment.
It's not like I'm a slave to the cat!

So now Cutie sits on the back window of my apartment and stalks the possum and  the bunnies that live in the back of my apartment. 

Then he switches to the front window and stalks the lucky cat of  the first floor. That cats gets to go out. 

Or he sits at this corner, and stalks Oreo. And that's where I have placed the box.

Oreo loves attention, but I'm sure that sometimes she gets surprised by the cat right at the corner, just watching every single movement she does.


Feeling tired of the never ending work?

"Lets not throw seeds of our children lives into the winds of culture and foolishly expect a garden. Lets plant our children in the safe rich soil of home, water them with love, feed them with truth, nurture them with time..."  Sally Clarkson

I read a lot of stuff, and most of it is not worth talking about, ever again! And I also watch a bunch of videos, and the same, most of them I'm surprised I wasted my time!

But I also find really good ones, like this one.

I want to be related to encouraging writing and ideas that make us better poeple.

 Being a Mom is hard work! And it takes a long time to see how our kids are going to turn out. So long that sometimes it makes me think there is no point to invest my time.

But things outside our homes are not the best! Its our job as mothers to keep doing the best that we can for our families.