Airplane Window View

I had to go to Virginia and get some stuff I forgot when I left. Who knew I was going to need that!
I left really early from Omaha to Atlanta.

Of course, everyone goes through Atlanta when flying.
My last pastor used to joke around, and say that we all go through Atlanta, including in the rapture!

 An airport is a very complex environment and every little detail counts.

A person directing the airplane out of the gate.

Communications with the tower.

I also got this picture of someone making sure military members get their final travel with dignity.

 And this is only what I was able to catch from my window.

It's amazing to see how everyone that works at the airport contributes a little to make sure airplanes land and take off, so we can get there to our destination!

I think this is really cool, but probably it's just me, since I don't fly often. I'm sure it's all normal to those that fly frequently.

At the Same time, I remember that when I was in the Navy I used to be looking at flight operations on the flight deck from the tower of the USS Nimitz, for a long time. 

I almost did it everyday, for more than six months, and got a bunch of pictures too!

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