Book Markers

We are full speed doing school. The weather here in Virginia has been a little chilly, which means is not calling me, by my name, to go outside and do gardening. One of my friends visited me for a week or so, and helped me to plant bulbs. Also, I don't like to have a brown lawn in the winter, so I will seed some cold weather grass, it may be a little late, hopefully no frost comes and kills the tender sprouted seeds, after this, I think I will be done gardening for this year. Going back to the school subject... I'm teaching Second and Fourth grade and I have like eight teacher's books to read, Writing, Phonics, Math, Natural Science, Social Studies and Spanish. Its frustrating to flip pages when I'm trying to find the lesson I need to teach each day, without a book marker.

My daughter has a good imagination and spends a lot of time drawing. I find little papers with drawings all over the house, like the one above, she said the possums are one of our friends with her husband, and the little possums hanging on her tail are her two sons, I thought it was so cute, I just hope our friend don't get offended.

I cut some pieces of construction paper and asked her to draw something on them, to make some book markers for me.
This is what she came up with, I just "framed" them with coloring pencils and put ribbon through the holes.


Planting Seeds

Cone Flower, with Black Eyed Susan in the background, blooming in the Summer. Johny Jump Up blooming in the Spring.

Medium size Salvia, with Red Knock Out Rose in the background, blooming from Spring to the Fall

I have found out that my seeds do better when I plant them in the Fall than in the Spring. I'm planting Cone Flower, Johny Jumps Up and Salvia. This are perennial plants, the cold and frost don't bother them, and by the time Spring comes they will be ready to bloom.