I'm getting there!

And how am I doing with my cross stitching project? Well, here it is! I have being having some free time, to work on it. And at the same time it's being a little hard to stitch, since I totally forgot I have Raynaund's. When I did a little to much, I was out for a couple of weeks. Now I don't try to finish the whole thing at once. I'm doing short periods at a time.

I love to cross stitch, working with colorful threads, cheers me up! There is no way I will stop cross stitching! And this is how it will look like some day.


Memories of my Teenager Days

This video reminds me when I was a teenager. I wasn't allowed to go dancing, but sometimes I would sneak out and go to the party. Then right at the moment when the cutest boy had asked me to dance, and I was trying to show him that I knew. From the nowhere, one of my parents (with a big surprised face, of see me dancing) will show up!Then I was in big trouble, grounded for a long time. It didn't bother me that much. Since I didn't want to go out. I was super embarrassed with that cute boy, for leaving him dancing in the middle of the song. I didn't want him to see me ever again!

In the movie, it was not lady-like to dance El Paso Doble. At my home town, in my teenager days, it was not proper to dance Lambada or La Quebradita.


This is how it looks like now

About 2 years ago I started this cross stitching project. Life got really busy and I only cross stitch when I get a chance. Lately I have gotten many chances! And haven't done to much but this is how it looks like so far.
It looks like with my new schedule, I will be having plenty of chances to work on it.


Tango Santa Maria Gotan Project video by me

Trying to be cool, and celebrando my new friend, from Argentina.