Memories of my Teenager Days

This video reminds me when I was a teenager. I wasn't allowed to go dancing, but sometimes I would sneak out and go to the party. Then right at the moment when the cutest boy had asked me to dance, and I was trying to show him that I knew. From the nowhere, one of my parents (with a big surprised face, of see me dancing) will show up!Then I was in big trouble, grounded for a long time. It didn't bother me that much. Since I didn't want to go out. I was super embarrassed with that cute boy, for leaving him dancing in the middle of the song. I didn't want him to see me ever again!

In the movie, it was not lady-like to dance El Paso Doble. At my home town, in my teenager days, it was not proper to dance Lambada or La Quebradita.

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