A Man in History

A man in history, named Jesus, had no servants, yet they called Him Master. Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world. He committed no crime,... yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today.


Santa's Problems

Did you enjoy my son's movie in the last post? Guess what? My daughter makes movies too!

Poor Santa, he got sour milk!

Quik Build

Hey I found out how to upload videos!!! For now on I will post the movies my kids make.

This movie was made by my son. I have some more to upload, and then I will show off the ones my daughter made.


Tried and True

We are just here, doing nothing. We were planing to go to Washington DC, but changed plans because my condition, yea here again, this Polymiositis dictating my life!. So, why am I here with extra time to do blogging, gardening, face booking and having a blast? Well, because one of my best friend is here! She flew all the way from Nebraska, just to put up with this weird woman, Me.

On Fridays we get together with a homeschooling minded family and watch and discus The Truth Project videos. So we took my Midwest friend to our home fellowship thing. There came the question of how we met. Its a long story, a 10 year old relationship. Yes ,for all this long, long time this lady has dealt with me! We told the story of how we met, and they were amazed!But that was nothing, what really happened is, God made me see how much He loves me. In telling our story I went back and saw what this friend has done for me, the things she has gone through, for me. I think that sometimes we have new people coming to our lifes and telling us this or that, and so we go with it, thinking that we have found someone that really care for us. But we should no be carry away with this new "friends". I think that if someone loves you, someone cares for you, then they should stand by you, not just once or twice, but for a long time. My friend has done that!No, not everything has been sweet lollipops, we have had our moments! But after 10 years, we know what we mean for each other. I know she cares for me. And I got to see who has stood by my side, through my ups and downs. God showed me who just talked. I got to see, in my mind, a parade of people that promised me things, that said they loved me, that they cared for me. Its so easy to just talk, to promise things, to say I love you, but can you walk it, can you do what you say?

I soo wish I had never made some promises. And I soo wish I had never believed the people that just met and told me that they care for me. So, for me, the way I know who my real friends are its, through the time. Yes, friends are not perfect, but how long can they put up with me?

How do you know who is your real friend? How do you know who really cares for you?



"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."—Bob Marley

(stole it from Don profile at Facebook)

Toby Mac - Irene

Did you ever feel to just give up? Things just coming at you from the now where. The world telling you that you should do it this way, or that way, but not God's way. I have felt that way, there are many times that I just want to say "it is over!!" Forget this "trusting in the Lord" thing. I think this song is really good for those times.

And here it is with the lyrics.

Back in the Garden

Well, things are slooowly going back the way we want. I'm taking care of the garden more often. When we were planing to sell this house, I stopped taking care of my flowers. Someone came and told me that if he bought this house he was going to pull out all the plants and have a "nice green lawn". I didn't want to waste my time on something that was going to the garbage. But as soon as I found out that I was not moving, I went back and started to take care of my garden.


Done that!

We went to clean my friend's gutters, I was supposed to just hold the ladder and make sure she was not going to fall, because I'm scare to go up on ladders. I shake and make the ladder shake, next I panic and then I regret to have gotten on it! But she was taking to long (her first time cleaning gutters ever) so I got frustrated and went up there, its not too bad after all! Now I will not ask anybody to clean mine anymore. I will start cleaning them by myself. All is left for me to do is, put a check mark on "cleaning gutters" on the "things to do before I die".


If you kneel before God,you can stand before any man.


TobyMac - Captured (Slideshow With Lyrics)

Yes, I'm alive!! I little lost, but now I'm found!! Really busy fixing the house. Yes a homeschool organisation did a home make over in my house. As soon as I can I will post before and after pics.

We are trying to get back in routine. Is soo good to be able to just sit down and enjoy a meal peacefully, with out a pile of boxes all over the house. So bless with my beautiful home.

Today we are doing school, and a little of jumping on the walls. Here is a video if you need a little music to get you started.


Then She Asked....

Can you tell me what repairs in detail??? ; - ) There's a reason!

I said:

I own, yes I need to do some repairs


First E-mail

I'll have to tell you why later, but I need to ask you some questions. I hope you don't mind! It's for a really good reason. Do you own or rent your home? Do you have any repairs that need to be done? Please let me know ASAP.

Lets be Surprised!!

Some days ago I got some very good news. I think I need to blog about it!

For now it will be under the label "Lets be Surprised", but as I keep posting about it, I will change the name of the label to something like "look how much God spoils me" or "He did it again" or "My God is awesome", I'm not sure yet, but for now I will copy and paste the e-mails of how this started.

The picture don't have anything to do with it. I will put them in there just because.

And yes, this is only to show off what the Lord does for me!

Lets be Surprise!!


It's Spring Time!!

Here are these pink and purple flowers for the Friday's Flowers at FIMBY. June 11!! We are at half the year!! I remember as if yesterday it was January 1st! I don't know about you, wherever you live, but here in Virginia it's soooo hot!I felt that I needed to make a Spring-like bouquet, because it's not June 21st, not summer yet! It feels like midsummer, but it's Spring!Even though my garden looks like a summer garden already! And most of the soft color flowers are almost done blooming and the hot bright ones are in full bloom.



Arcoiris is the word for rainbow in Spanish and Portuguese, which is that big colorful arch across the sky that we see after it rains.

And when talking about flowers, there is a plant that comes in many colors. That is why it is called Iris. When planted different colors together, they will look like a rainbow! Irises bloom sometime after the Tulips. By now their flowers are way gone, but I want to show off the flowers that I had last month.

These are Dutch Irises. I don't get to many of them any more. I need to plant more bulbs in the fall. And I only have one that blooms white.
All of the following pictures are of German bearded Irises.

They look beautiful in groups. But I like to have them here, and there, throughout my garden, mixed with the other spring blooming plants. Here is a close look of a Iris flower. That spiky part in the middle, is what made people call them bearded irises. That is Mr. Iris's beard!

I like all of them, but this purple or blue is my favorite.

This is a short type of iris. I love it's dark color among the pastel colors of the spring blooming plants.
And here is a very light pink Iris. I only have one plant of it. I grow these plants for their beautiful flowers, and then I could cut them down to the ground, and wait for them to bloom next spring. But there are people that grow them not for their flowers, they grow them for their leaves!

I Cut off dead blossoms and dead bloom stalks when the iris has stopped blossoming. I don't cut back the leaves until they begin to turn brown in the fall because the leaves are needed to produce next year's blooms!


Okay, I'll play!!

The year before last year, I spend soo much time putting bouquets together. Then I would forget about them. And next time I knew I had stinky, green water, with brown flowers on my table, on top of my refrigerator, on my window and all the places I had put them. Last year I skipped the job of cutting flowers to take inside my house. And told myself to never do that again! So when I read Rene's blog, I said that I wouldn't do that. But after seeing all those beautiful bouquets, I don't want to feel left out. I want my friends to see my flowers too! I have planted and cared for all these flowers. But the spiky one, the green one, the one that looks as if just woke up, and didn't have time to fix herself up. That one, I didn't plant! That's what comes out of wild onions! I think its a wild onion, I'm not sure, but when I do get to weed, and pull them out, the little bulb smells like onions.

To see more pretty bouquets or if you want to participate on the Friday Flowers click here.


Memorial Day

Here is another post about memorial day, here is last year's.

For some reason this is the second year that I get to take it easy on this weekend. And that is how I get the chance to take pictures of our beautiful flag. I keep the flag inside for most of the year, but on Memorial Day I make the time to display it. I'm very grateful for all the people that have given their life to protect our country!

I served the country too, but it was in peace time. So I'm so proud I have served, but I know it was soo easy compared to what other have done and are doing these days. May God bless you and your family.

Thank you for your service!!


Mother's Day

Yes, I'm still alive! Is been awhile since I post anything in here! Life has been soo busy! But I really need to show off what the kids did for me on Mother's Day! I like chocolates and on Sunday School they made this little boxes that look like kisses chocolate. I got 2 of them, one very colorful, from my daughter. And the other one, very simple, but still full of love, from my son.
Then they wrapped them and tied them up with a ribbon. Thank you kids!!


Only Green and Only flower buds

The first bulbs, are done blooming. There are some spring blooming plants here and there. Most of them are very small, and I don't have many of them. So most of my garden it's just green.

And even some of the flowers are green. Look at the Lenten Rose, it has green flowers!

The next bulbs to bloom, in my garden, are the Irises. I have two types of them, the German Irises or Bearded Irises...and the Dutch Irises.

After the irises bulbs get done blooming, there will come the lilies bulbs (below). Most of them bloom close to the summer. Well, I really don't want to get ahead to much. And even though a green garden is not my favorite, Spring is beautiful. We do have some problems with the pollen, but the weather is so pleasant! No humidity, no mosquitoes, just perfect!

Here is my clematis, it already has some flowers!
This is the salvia.

Here is the Showy Evening Primrose.

This is my faithful Blanket Flower. This plant will bloom all the way to frost!

This is the Shasta Daisy, this plant likes to come up all over the place, but if it comes in a shady place won't do good at the time of blooming. And this is another type of Daisy, called Painted Daisy, its flowers are pink. They are so beautiful! Last year was the first time it bloomed. And only had one flower per plant, I can't wait for all of these buds to open up!

This is the Geranium 'Rozanne'. This is the first year that this plant will bloom in my garden!

This is the Yarrow, I post last year about it. I get all happy when I see a new flower in my garden! I planted it because its beautiful flowers, but I read this very encouraging blog of a lady up in Maine. She grows the Yarrow for skin healing oil and salves.

The next picture is of the Cone Flower. I seen two colors of them white and pink. It blooms some time after the white Shashta Daisy. At the time that I'm tired of white flowers. So, I only grow the pink one. It is also called Echinacea, and is used as medicine to support the immune system, and to purify the blood, especially during season changes and during the cold and flu season. Scientific studies of Echinacea have confirmed the presents of natural chemicals, echinacosides, which increase white blood cell activity.

And finally, the Foxglove! The leaves of the foxglove are medicinally used, despite being highly poisonous. I have read of people having very serious allergic reactions to its polen, its leaves, and even by touching the roots! I always wash my hands after dealing with this plant.Foxglove is extremely useful in treating heart conditions. The constituents of foxglove increase the activity of the heart, arterioles and other muscle tissue. An initial dose can raise blood pressure considerably, but a moderate dose can slow the pulse and cause an irregular pulse to become normal.