Okay, I'll play!!

The year before last year, I spend soo much time putting bouquets together. Then I would forget about them. And next time I knew I had stinky, green water, with brown flowers on my table, on top of my refrigerator, on my window and all the places I had put them. Last year I skipped the job of cutting flowers to take inside my house. And told myself to never do that again! So when I read Rene's blog, I said that I wouldn't do that. But after seeing all those beautiful bouquets, I don't want to feel left out. I want my friends to see my flowers too! I have planted and cared for all these flowers. But the spiky one, the green one, the one that looks as if just woke up, and didn't have time to fix herself up. That one, I didn't plant! That's what comes out of wild onions! I think its a wild onion, I'm not sure, but when I do get to weed, and pull them out, the little bulb smells like onions.

To see more pretty bouquets or if you want to participate on the Friday Flowers click here.


  1. I'm so glad you decided to join in. Truthfully, I don't get out into my garden as often as I'd like so there are days I don't even enjoy my garden outdoors. But if I have a bouquet inside I still enjoy my garden's beauty, even if I'm in the kitchen.

  2. Gorgeous bouquet! I'm glad you reconsidered!