New Additions

Because I had moved to Nebraska for the last two years 
my garden was left alone without any care.
 And even though I have lots of flowers right now, many of my plants have died. 
It's sad, but then it's always fun to start fresh!
 These are my new plants, some of them I've never had before.

Ruby Candle Pestemon

It blooms pink, but I will have to wait until the beginning of next summer to see it.

Allium Millenium

Daylily or Hemoracallis

Hemoracallis 'Entrapment' 
Thinking of pairing these two.


Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising'

Russian Sage

Penta, my only annual. I didn't know it was annual in my zone. 
But happy to have it, since I recently took a butterfly class and learned that butterflies love it.

False Aster


Hemoracallis 'Pandora Box'

Balloon Flower

Monard Didyma  'Pardon My Purple'   
Cool color!

Bleeding Heart
This plant that was on sale. It blooms on Spring time, can't wait!


It supposed to be invasive, really? It died on me.

Penstemon Smallii 'Violet Dusk'

Veronica hybrid 'Sweet Lullaby'

Love this plant, it blooms all the way to frost and a little after if it is under a tree.

I had to rescue this one from the almost dying plants at Lowes.

Thinking of pairing Croscomia with Blacked Eyed Susan.

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Weekend Fireworks

Because hurricane Arthur went through our area 
the fourth of July fireworks were rescheduled for Saturday.
There are fireworks closer to where we live,
 but we like to drive to Norfolk to watch the fireworks there.

In Norfolk Mermaid statues can be found throughout downtown and
 in neighborhoods. Some old, some new. Some in front of businesses,
 schools, hospitals and even at some homeowners’ yards.

We go early so we can enjoy sitting with the crowd and eating the good food
that is sold at  the Waterside, this time even a lizard came!

Many people came wearing patriotic T-shirts, clothes and accessories,
oh how I wish I could have taken pictures of them!
I did manage to snap a picture of this lady, I love her blanket!

And then came the fireworks! 

Here is a picture of Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin from up in the parking lot. 
I had to take a picture of the USS Wisconsin. It was my last command in the Navy. 
 Many times I have joked that my daughter and I worked in this ship together, because that's where the
 Navy sent me when I was pregnant with her. 

Here is my proof, I have kept this sticker for a long time! About time I have a chance to show it off!
They used to give them away to the kids that came to visit the 

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Little Jumper

We  found this little guy during our walk at the Nolan Trail
Because the trail is around a Lake Maury, there are lots of frogs at this place.

When we walk after sunset frogs are jumping all over the place!
We have to be careful not to step on them and squeeze them.


Yj yulong Cube

I'm a mom of a cuber, my daughter is into solving Rubik's Cube. 
When she learned how to solve it, it blew me away. 
Because I never have met anybody that knows how to put this puzzle together.
 And she didn't stop there, she has become faster at solving it. 
Currently she can solve it  in less than 20 seconds! 

This is a video of her solving the 3x3 Cube.

But as she has become faster at solving it, she needed a different cube a cube that is not Rubik's cube! 
Turns out that the original Rubik's cube is not the ideal choice for a speedcuber 
and there are companies out there that have improved Rubik's Cube. 
She did started with Rubik's Cube, but to solve it faster she uses Yj yulong Cube.

There are many sticker shades of the primary colors for the cube. 
So once in awhile she decides to put new stickers on her cube.

 She also puts lube inside the cube to make it perform smoother.

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