New Additions

Because I had moved to Nebraska for the last two years 
my garden was left alone without any care.
 And even though I have lots of flowers right now, many of my plants have died. 
It's sad, but then it's always fun to start fresh!
 These are my new plants, some of them I've never had before.

Ruby Candle Pestemon

It blooms pink, but I will have to wait until the beginning of next summer to see it.

Allium Millenium

Daylily or Hemoracallis

Hemoracallis 'Entrapment' 
Thinking of pairing these two.


Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising'

Russian Sage

Penta, my only annual. I didn't know it was annual in my zone. 
But happy to have it, since I recently took a butterfly class and learned that butterflies love it.

False Aster


Hemoracallis 'Pandora Box'

Balloon Flower

Monard Didyma  'Pardon My Purple'   
Cool color!

Bleeding Heart
This plant that was on sale. It blooms on Spring time, can't wait!


It supposed to be invasive, really? It died on me.

Penstemon Smallii 'Violet Dusk'

Veronica hybrid 'Sweet Lullaby'

Love this plant, it blooms all the way to frost and a little after if it is under a tree.

I had to rescue this one from the almost dying plants at Lowes.

Thinking of pairing Croscomia with Blacked Eyed Susan.

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  1. Yay! You got a crocosmia! I think it would look lovely paired with the black-eyed susans. I have mine next to each other in my garden, but neither are all that big yet.

    I love rescuing plants from Lowes : ) Most of mine are "rescues".

  2. All your flowers are gorgeous and even after the rain look great !

  3. You have a wonderful garden! Such beautiful flowers!

  4. Your garden is beautiful... i love Allium!!

  5. Está precioso Leticia !! Me encanta la Daylily y la Blanketflower tiene unos colores muy brillantes.
    Que tengas un buen fin de semana:))))

  6. Does your blogname mean "Neither here nor there"?
    Because you lived in two different places, as you write?
    You have a fantastic collection coming up. I have paired my Crocosmia 'Lucifer' with a double purple/blue geranium, which I think is called G. 'Patricia'. I'll put some pictures up of the two together.
    You have one thing that I really, really, envy: rain!! By the looks of your photos anyway.

  7. Wonderful photos of the different flowers Great !
    Best regards, Synnöve

  8. To me gardening requires two things... artistic talent and a green thumb.
    Beautiful photos!

  9. I always like to start afresh too, and you have lots of lovely new plants to enjoy. Hope you get lots of butterflies.

  10. You have some lovely flowers, which I have never seen! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love your beautiful flowers! Great pictures of them too. I had a gorgeous garden in my yard in Virginia that I had to leave behind, and many years later the same thing happend to my yard in NC. I drove by later by the house in NC and was so disappointed to see that the new occupants were not caring for my beloved flowers. Here in AZ I have trouble growing many things I love. Thank you so much for coming by my blog and commenting. I went on vacation for two weeks and have just started posting the pictures.