Yj yulong Cube

I'm a mom of a cuber, my daughter is into solving Rubik's Cube. 
When she learned how to solve it, it blew me away. 
Because I never have met anybody that knows how to put this puzzle together.
 And she didn't stop there, she has become faster at solving it. 
Currently she can solve it  in less than 20 seconds! 

This is a video of her solving the 3x3 Cube.

But as she has become faster at solving it, she needed a different cube a cube that is not Rubik's cube! 
Turns out that the original Rubik's cube is not the ideal choice for a speedcuber 
and there are companies out there that have improved Rubik's Cube. 
She did started with Rubik's Cube, but to solve it faster she uses Yj yulong Cube.

There are many sticker shades of the primary colors for the cube. 
So once in awhile she decides to put new stickers on her cube.

 She also puts lube inside the cube to make it perform smoother.

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  1. I have never been very good with the original cube so I'm impressed that it isn't enough of a challenge for your daughter. Carver, ABCW-Team

  2. Solving that is NOT in my skill set. Impressive child!


  3. I never knew something like this existed!! I can't even solve a Rubik Cube i guess.. your daughter is super!!
    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  4. Wow! Good show. I still struggle to make one side of same color. :P

  5. How interesting your daughter certainly has a rare talent for solving the Rubic Cube puzzle, my daughters could solve but not as fast as yours!
    Well done that young lady !
    Best Wishes, Di.x

  6. Ennorabuena para tu hija. Buenos trucos. Es toda una especialista speedcuber !!
    Nunca fui capaz de hacer ni una cara :((
    Buen jueves.
    Un beso.

  7. Verás que he entrado dos o tres veces, esta mañana no conseguía ver las fotos,ahora sí ;)

  8. I ould never master t! Kudos to your daughter!