It's Spring Time!!

Here are these pink and purple flowers for the Friday's Flowers at FIMBY. June 11!! We are at half the year!! I remember as if yesterday it was January 1st! I don't know about you, wherever you live, but here in Virginia it's soooo hot!I felt that I needed to make a Spring-like bouquet, because it's not June 21st, not summer yet! It feels like midsummer, but it's Spring!Even though my garden looks like a summer garden already! And most of the soft color flowers are almost done blooming and the hot bright ones are in full bloom.


  1. I am loving these pink and purple flowers. My garden is pink and purple right now and no, it's not too hot here in Maine. So our soft hues are staying and seem to fit the pleasant summer days.

    I like eyeing your bouquet to see which ones I recognize. I love that pink yarrow. The yarrow in my yard blooms for a long time, it's one of my favorites.

  2. Thank you Renee! Enjoy the nice weather, but stand by, its going that way! I think next week, I will have to cut down my yarrow, mine looks like its almost done blooming!

  3. Very beautiful flowers! It's so nice to see everyone's bouquet!

    happy day!