Feeling tired of the never ending work?

"Lets not throw seeds of our children lives into the winds of culture and foolishly expect a garden. Lets plant our children in the safe rich soil of home, water them with love, feed them with truth, nurture them with time..."  Sally Clarkson

I read a lot of stuff, and most of it is not worth talking about, ever again! And I also watch a bunch of videos, and the same, most of them I'm surprised I wasted my time!

But I also find really good ones, like this one.

I want to be related to encouraging writing and ideas that make us better poeple.

 Being a Mom is hard work! And it takes a long time to see how our kids are going to turn out. So long that sometimes it makes me think there is no point to invest my time.

But things outside our homes are not the best! Its our job as mothers to keep doing the best that we can for our families.

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  1. I agree with you. Being a mom is hard work for sure!
    Lots of love from Toronto,
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