Happy Birthday Cutie

Two years ago on a very, very cold morning we heard some cats meowing. When we opened the door we found out that our cat Ricky brought his two little friends, or maybe they were his kids. What a responsible Tom Cat! It wasn't easy to catch the kittens. One of them, Mufasa, was really wild and he never got used to us. I really liked him. He had grey, soft, puffy fur and I tried everything I could to tame him, but one day he was gone. The weird thing is that Ricky was gone that same day, so we are left with Cutie. The kids said that his "birthday" is on January 2nd, the day he came to our house. We are some type of cheap owners, because I don't buy treats for my pets. Once in awhile I give Cutie a little bit of butter or a piece of cheese, and that is all the treats he gets. So on his "birthday" the kids asked me to buy the cat a treat and they had a "birthday party" for Cutie. And what do I think? Well, I think the cat wished he would eat something else, and I think that he is giving us a hint, he keeps looking at the cage, that is the hint! That's what the cat really, really wants for his birthday.

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