Sunny Day

We are having some warm weather. For the longest time it has been cloudy and really cold. I sent the kids outside to get some sun.And I even took a picture. Here they are taking the sun, getting the sun, looking at the sun, its just that they are getting really pale. Also I wanted them to get some vitamin D. The white stuff is not snow, the dog got so bored in the backyard that she tored up the cushion for our outside chair. I'll clean it one day, today I can only take pictures and run back to my warm hole. Here is the "shredder", this face means do you want to play with me?

I pulled the rope for a little bit, that's what she likes to play.Add Image

The cat was happy to see us outside too.Then they got on the fence.

But the reason I left my warm hole was to come and see this ice, I know some people in other parts of the country are tired of ice, but for these kids its like finding a treasure. And Mom has to take the pictures and write about it.A girl will need to have on some gloves.But no need to have gloves for a boy, he is tough.

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