Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

We cat owners want our little tiger to look his best, and we don't like him stinky, he has to take a bath once in awhile, but the fact is that CATS HATE BATHS!!

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, by Nick Bruel

We came across this hilarious book of instructions of how to give your cat a bath.

Is illustrated, full of science facts and made us laugh in every page we read.

We learned that in order to be safely ready to give your kitty a bath you need a suit of armor, your doctor on speed dial, make your will, lots and lots of bandages,clean underwear (because stressful situations can cause "accidents"), plane tickets and a map to your aunt house were you can hide when this is over, a scratching post made to look like you that might (but probably won't) fool kitty and and ambulance in your driveway with the engine running.

With all this knowledge we went to bathe our cat.

Rest at ease friends, we are fine, we don't have a bad kitty!!

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