Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Mr. Frog. This kind amphibian and some of his friends entertained my kids, while Mom enjoyed looking at the beautiful Orchids. Some weeks ago, after to much cold, gray skies, and the trees looking like a pile of dead sticks, I was really thinking that I was a citizen of Narnia.

Beware! The cold weather can really whack your brain!

But I found out this place called The Arthur and Phyllis Kaplan Orchid Conservatory in Old Dominion University, in Norfolk. They have many Orchids. I visited it, to get away from the brown view. The kids are not into seeing a bunch of flowers. For them It was a learning field trip.

Here are some pictures of these beautiful Flowers.

The kids liked to watch the frogs. And someone took them to a room where they have more frogs. In order to go in the back, we needed to make an appointment, we didn't have one, but this nice person took us, we went through it quickly, so pictures of my other colorful friends are not so good.

The kids got an idea of what it takes to cultivate these plants. Once in awhile their computer system will spread some type of fog. So, I think they learned something, And I enjoyed the colorful flowers. It was good for me, Now, I know, for sure, that I'm a citizen of Virginia!

Here is an article from the Daily Press. If you want to learn more about this place.

I read Tidewater Gardener blog, and that is how I found out about the conservatory. At the end of his post about it, there is a link to flicker, if you would like to see more pictures of orchids.

It is open free for the public from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. But, if you go, make sure you get a visitor parking permit, before anything else! If someone goes to the University they learn something. Down there, everything is all about parking spaces. That is what I learned from ODU.

Then we went to the NEX. There we found out that these plants cost $44.00!

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