We had our first time ever YARD SALE!! People did stop and bought my stuff! We did soo good, now we feel like YARD SALE experts. Tips from a expert of how to put a yard sale.

Take the stuff out.

That's it! Once stuff is in the yard/drive way, people comes and buys it! In the picture above, it was early, the things in the boxes were not priced yet, but I had a like two custumers that came and bought something.

I must tell you that we did want to make some money, but most of it, we wanted to get rid of the stuff, so we priced it really low. Oops there is that thing you gave me!!

As I was talking with my friend Nishel, about yard sales. She told me something I didn't know, at all. We needed a yard sale permit! Here in Virginia is $5.00.

We also found out that it is Illegal to place signs advertising the yard sale on any property other that my own. And how come I seen many, many of them, on poles all over the place, in the weekends? And if I wanted to be a law breaker and they caught me, I would have to pay $100.00. I live in a busy street and for once I was soo happy about it!

I'm amazed how the times have changed. Ten years ago a friend and I used to go and pick up stuff that people put on the curb as trash. Then I wouldn't be talking about it, because "you don't pick stuff from the trash" was the saying. But now it's cool to do it "we need to recycle, we need to reuse" is the saying of today. And I'm glad of it. I picked these two things from the curb, they were useful for awhile, I don't need them any more. One was sold for $1, and the other for $2.

Other things to consider. Put your guard dog in the leash!! Oreo spend the whole day barking with her back hair all sticking out.
Don't worries about the cat! He was so happy about all the attractions.

I have some things that I don't want to throw away,but I have no idea how much to price it. It might be useful for some one. I just need them to be gone. we put this sing on them.


  1. So did you get rid of enough stuff? Will you have to do another one? Looks like it was a pretty day for this historic day!

  2. Yes we did get rid of a lot, but not enough.You are right, this was a historic day, and we have been waiting for good weather. But, today we only sold only one thing, 3 people stopped by... and that was it! We will keep our stuff out there, the permit is good for 10 days. Hopefully the neighbors don't hate our mess!!