Our Weekend

We had a very exciting weekend! It all began when we went shopping for some one's Birthday present because we were invited to a party! Out there we found out that one of our current favorite book was coming up with a movie! It is called How to Train Your Dragon.
We have been enjoying Cressida Cowell book series, the story of how to deal with being a Viking, to train your dragon, be a pirate and more... She has written like 10 books, they are really cool. Even Mom is into them!

The party was at some type of indoor course were kids can play soccer inside. This is a new thing for us! We have heard of our friends in the Midwest playing soccer inside, but never done it until Friday. God decided to pour Hampton Roads with water on Friday, right around rush hour, is was a challenge to drive to this party, but we made it!We are so greatful of being invited, we had lots of fun! One of the things kids are still taking about is the cupcakes in the shape of Lego blocks! They think that Jared's Mom's is the coolest Mom they have seen in a birthday party, because of the way she made and decorated his birthday cake.

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