Their Way to Do Art

I taught him Art Lessons many times, but he was not into coloring. I wanted my son to have some type of Art knowledge, but he was no into sitting down and deal with colors, so I gave up. I wasn't the only one, other moms sympathised with me, they also wanted their boys to sit down and do Art, but they wanted to climb trees, learn new tricks with their scooters, and play video games. Then he started sitting down in the computer for long times, I would complain over and over, until one day I picked to see what he was into, and wow! Children can make Art with computers! OK ,son sit there and keep painting in your own way, and sorry that I put learning Art in a box. Wrecked rainbow

My girl does like to do coloring, cutting with scissors and all the things to make Art and crafts, but saw brothers paintings and wanted to do her own. Colorful Squares

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