What's Blooming

It's been around two years since I took care of my garden the way it 
supposed to be. It most be all the good stuff I put on the soil when 
I first started this garden adventure that keeps feeding my plants. 

The Black Eyed Susan has a big show on a little space I have besides my walkway.

Cone flowers are trying their best to put up a show, I've seen it bloom much better other years.
 I'm still grateful they're giving me some pink color this year.

I can't believe this Daisy is blooming this late!

I only have one Snow Glory left.

The Nandinas bushes are full of flowers. 
Good! I'm counting on them to give me their red berries color for the fall and gray winter.

More yellow flowers, Coreopsis.

The Evening Primroses have take over my garden! 
I still need to get rid of last year's Lantana sticks.

In other years I would have this tall salvia putting up a blue show all over my garden. 
I'm sure when I get back to take care of it, I will have blue flowers all over again.

I also have a short size Salvia. But it is in it's last days of blooming. Yellow lilies on the back.

The knockout Roses always blooming. 
Here they're giving some company to the tall pink lilies.

I got these lilies long time ago and since then every year they put out a spectacular show!

I also have them in orange or is it salmon? 

These for sure are orange Lilies!

The Johnny Jump ups trying to get through the lilies leaves.

They are also in the grass, right along with the Clover.

And speaking of which, my lawn is full of Clover! And it's blooming too!

Same this weed and  I can't help to like them, for now. 
But eventually, I will have to root them out.


  1. Your garden is colorful and very interesting ! I love a lot of color in the garden !

  2. What beautiful lilies you have especially the pink one. I love the pink oxalis flower too. It may be considered a weed by some who find it in their lawn but I love it. Happy Bloom day.

  3. Simply gorgeous!! Such a wonderful array of color!!

  4. Hello, and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Nice to see your garden and what’s flowering right now. I absolutely love lilies, especially oriental lilies that have scent – nice to see your lilies. I have around 150 lilies in my tiny garden and I have always room for more!

  5. Un jardín con mucho color y lleno de flores muy variadas. Los lirios están preciosos.
    Buenas noches.
    Un beso.

  6. What beautiful Lilies. I have an Easter Lily that is still in a pot. I hope it blooms again next year. I planted a pink Asiatic Lily in the ground as well, and I hope it comes up next year. I have the worst soil here in Pasadena, CA but you never know. Lovely garden you have. Also like those little clover flowers. Reminds me of playing in the grass as a kid when I lived in Pennsylvania.