This is the welcome sign you'll see if you ever enter the state of Virginia,
it has a cardinal, because cardinals are it's state birds.
I also think that it's letting us know that we'll see cardinals all over the place.

But it's fine for me see cardinal all over the place, because I think they're beautiful!

Here in Virginia I get to enjoy cardinals and many other birds from my kitchen window.

 It's been about two years since I put up the feeders, 
so I was so surprised  to see birds eating form them right away. 
Just as if I never left!

And this year I got blessed with a cardinal nest right by my bedroom window! 

At first I thought the eggs were of a Northern Mocking Bird.
 Because when I googled "blue speckled eggs", that's what came up. 
But then when I peeked through the window I saw a female cardinal. 
I can't wait for these eggs to hatch!


  1. How exciting to have a nest so close to your home and be able to see and photograph it. It will be great seeing the new born babies. It might be a good idea to take some video of the action.

  2. LOVE cardinals. Been to Jamestown and Virginia Beach. Gone through a lot to visit relatives in NC.


  3. Wish I could see cardinals all over the place! I wish I could see one! We don't have them in our area of Canada.......darn it.....

  4. What a lovely surprise for you right at your bedroom window. Joyful to watch the cardinals everyday.

  5. How precious to have a nest outside your window.

  6. ¿ De donde eres entonces, si no eres de aquí ni de allá...? Perdona, es una broma.


  7. Tienes desde tu ventana unas vistas preciosas. Vigila esos huevos así veremos nacer a los pollitos;)
    En la cabecera del blog tienes un exquisito batido de frutas.
    Un beso.

  8. i know we almost take them for granted, but they are truly beautiful birds. :)

  9. I am curious to know who will come out of those eggs too. Remember to post their pictures.

    1. I got the camera ready :) For now we have stayed away from the window. We don't want to scare mama bird and she'll abandon her nest, we really want to see this babies.

  10. Very nice discovery. Enjoy watching them grow up:) They are cute!