Hi everyone! I hope that all of you that celebrated Thanksgiving had a great time with your 
loved ones.  For me, kids were out of school, I just had to place everything else on hold and enjoy 
my two bundles of joy.  Now they're back in school, I finally get to do my thing like sit around and 
just enjoy the silence, cleaning the garden, and of course do some blogging to.

 I'm very excited that the suet doesn't melt with the warm summer weather anymore!
 I've had put suet out for awhile, but it took some time for the woodpeckers to notice it. 
I don't know if this woodpecker had been at the feeder before, 
but these are the pictures of the first time I saw it.

I also have this other one visiting me too. 

Then I have this finch couple, they're kind of funny. The female knows there is something not right at the window and keeps a sharp eye on it, at first the male suspects it too, but then he just goes on eating.

Not her, nobody is going to fool her, she is sure someone is watching them!

Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Wonderful photos! I love the woodpeckers.

  2. Loved your photos! It is always fun to see the birds at the feeder.

  3. the house finches are so cute and sweet! i love the red-bellied and downies, too!

  4. Hahahhah... very cute finch couple...I have some too and the female of my couple is the brave one...she leads the sparrows onto the feeder and then, just hangs out..while they dart on and off it.... and, eventually...the Mr. Finch shows up too.....

  5. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did as well. You got some great photos of your many visitors!

  6. Some lovely birds right outside your house. Like you say those birds have to keep a constant look out for predators. They don't know you just want more cracking pictures.

  7. Love the woodpeckers and the cute house Finch couple.

    1. Thank you! For some reason I can't get to your site and see your post! :(

  8. Don't know why my comment appeared as "anonymous" but it's really me. Phil. Another Bird Blog.

  9. Vayaaa...tienes unos visitantes muy lindos!!!
    Preciosas fotos, Leticia.
    Un beso.

  10. Thank you for sharing wonderful images of your feeder visitors! The Finch couple is really cute and I love the male Red-bellied male Downy Woodpeckers, two of my favorites!