Some Of It

From my walk of yesterday, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a very thick sweater and a windbreaker jacket. This guy, he was fishing with only a short sleeve t-shirt on!


I'm so glad Oreo found the rope left hanging at my tree form a tire swing.
Now she spends her time playing with it, and gives me a break.
She is full of energy, (think of Energizer Bunny) I can't keep with her!


 Butterflies  in three different stages caterpillar, chrysalis and finally butterfly. (Couldn't find an egg picture)

This year I started a new adventure, rearing caterpillars. Caterpillars are listed as crop pests and
they do eat plants all the way until there is not a single leaf left!  But I plant the parsley, fennel, snapdragon,
rue, and many other plants just for them. In return I have these beauties flying all over my garden.

Black Swallowtail female on the left and male on the right

Some tree branches are still on summer mode.


"Junco is a common winter visitor to many backyards. In some regions, this bird is resident year
round, but in many regions of the US, their arrival signals the beginning of the winter season."
(From random internet bird site.)

Juncos are not  residents of my region, I saw this one at my backyard
yesterday,  one more hint that  winter is near!

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  1. #1 Hot blooded guy!
    #2 Oreo, where's the white center?
    #3 I love butterflies.
    #4 Beech trees are late to drop their leaves.
    #5 None of my neighbors are named Junco, there are some Smiths, Jones and Sawyers.

    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. i love the one Oreo ... that is too cute! gorgeous butterflies. i am wishing for warmer temps to see some butterflies ... so cold here in VA.
    i linked up from my other blog today http://hike2forty.blogspot.com/

  3. Oreo is entertaining herself....that is awesome!
    Where in the world do you get the caterpillars? I love this idea....they are gorgeous and they must love that you plant things just for them!!!

  4. The first photo has some very beautiful scenery and the butterflies are lovely!

  5. Love your junco, and that project of raising the butterflies is so awesome...I would love to do that! Beautiful photos. That's one happy dog, I think! :-)

  6. I think #1 is a "guy" thing. I've seen a lot of men who dress like that in cold weather.
    Your dog looks like it's having a grand time with that rope.
    Oh how neat to raise the butterflies like that, they are beautiful.
    Very few trees here now still have their leaves.
    Such a pretty bird. - I enjoyed your post.

  7. Look like you have a very different fairy land.

  8. i tried commenting yesterday through chrome but for some reason it won't let me on this type of form, same with on "it's a small town life" blog...so I got sneaky and went through ie! love the happy photo of oreo playing, what a smart idea! I bet my ozzy would love that too! i also love your butterfly caterpillar experiment...great photos! thank you for linking and have a super weekend!!

  9. your first shot is special Love the color tones in it. :) And the butterflies, gorgeous. A nice hobby.

  10. So, you are a butterfly grower. I think that is a neat thing to do. I always hated it that there were only two variety of butterflies that came to my yard. Maybe I didn't do the right thing to entice them.

  11. El otoño está precioso por todas partes Leticia el monte aquí se llena de colores. Que bien se lo pasa Oreo;))
    Buen domingo.
    Un beso.

  12. What a great pastime. Butterfly growing. Nice.

  13. How clever to plant specific food for the caterpillars! You reap the benefit with those stunning butterflies and every stage in between is beautiful as well. Love to see Oreo playing. That first photograph with the t-shirt-wearing fisherman made me smile. I would have been dressed in lots of layers, just like you:) A wonderful post!