Energized Oreo

Here is my little dog Oreo playing with her everlasting toy, a rope hanging from a tree that 
was originally used for a tire swing.  We are so happy that she found this rope, it keeps her busy
and gives us a break. She is very active! It's been some weeks ago that she found it, another
good thing, because her toys only last her for days, and sometimes only hours.

 Now she spends a lot of time playing with this rope, only stopping to smell around and make
 sure everything is in order, then she goes back to it, as if she had just found it all over again.

With all those leaves and the beautiful sunset, I tried to take some good fall pictures of her. You know, 
I wanted some of those cute fall pictures with leaves all over and her posing  for me, looking at my camera, 
but that ended up being a total failure. She  kept moving all over the place sniffing the air for intruders.

Anyway, at least I can show off where she got her name from.  She is all black with a little white on her chest, just like an Oreo cookie. We didn't name her, that was the name they had already given to her when we got her, and we decided to leave like that since she can also be as sweet as a cookie.

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  1. She looks adorable and I love the coloured leaves she is standing on. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh, she is beautiful :)) Thanks for sharing these lovely photos :))
    Have a happy weekend :)

  3. Oreo is a cute doggie.. She is entertained by the rope. I remember going thru lots of doggie toys, they never lasted long.. Cute shots! Thank you you so much for linking up to my critter party. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Oreo is such a cute name and he seems to be very active and alert. :)
    Great action shots!

  5. she's adorable! i can just tell how much energy she has! :)

  6. Wonderful photos of her! She's so cute.

  7. It's great to find something an energetic dog can really enjoy. Cute photos!

  8. Where do they get their energy? Small dogs and children the same!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Thanks for the blog visit :) I just love this dog.. and the name! Such a cutie!! Makes me smile. -Tammy

  10. So cute! And ever-vigilant as a dog friend/protector should be! :-)

  11. Oreo is very cute and I love your shots of her. She does look a little bit like Black Jack (who also had her name when we adopted her). I'm thinking Black Jack may be a bit smaller (she's about 14 pounds) and perhaps quite a bit older (we think she is about 9 years old). Anyhow, both energetic and playful and full of fun :)

  12. Precioso Leticia y muy juguetón:)) Tienes una buena alfombra de hojas!!
    Un beso.

  13. Oreo looks adorable! It's so nice to have such a lovely friend!