Virginia Beach's Seagulls

We had been wondering how Virginia Beach looked  like during the cold days. So some days ago we
visited. There were some walkers, and some joggers but other than that, it was practically empty!
Except for the seagulls, there is always going to be seagulls at the beach.

 It was too cold to even walk by the waves because we were scared of getting wet.
  We walked around finding seashells, items from the sea with barnacles, seaweed, and skate
egg cases. And our "main attraction" was something that looked like a dead sting ray. I took some
pictures of the poor thing and kids turned around. And thought that the seagulls would
come and eat it, but they didn't, they were more interested in eating seaweed.

Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Fantastic frames each of them. Great series for the week.

  2. Beautiful photos!
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Beautiful series of the gull and the pretty beach! Have a great day!

  4. Enjoyed the photos of the gulls--especially in flight!

  5. Great photos, wonderful seagull. Through your camera is seen in all its beauty!

  6. Wonderful shots of the bird in action.

  7. Well I must say that with all that sunshine it doesn't look cold, but I do believe you. The gulls aren't bothered are they?

  8. Such beautiful photos. There is something peaceful about empty beaches though....

  9. Gorgeous photos of the seagulls! Sad to see the dead stingray, though.

  10. Preciosaaaasss Leticia!!
    Que buena pillade a la gaviota. Maravilla de fotos con lo que me gusta el mar. Gracias por este regalo!!!
    Un beso.