Carolina Wren??

It's time for soccer. I have gone to a couple of practices and had to stay standing up, except when my friend's Bebote (husband) was kind to let me sit in his chair.

I remembered that I bought picnic chairs, last season, to sit at my kids games and practices. But didn't see them anywhere in the house or my car. My friend has green chairs that look a little like mine. It cross my mind that maybe I let them borrow them and didn't get them back. That's just crazy, they wouldn't do that!

So I decided to check the last possible spot, the shed.

I got there and started digging in the pile of stuff, throwing stuff everywhere. It was a good time to organize that shed a little. And right when I was about to move some long tools that were leaning against a shelf I got there, I saw my pot where I put my gloves with a pile of sticks. It's a nest! I had to put the brakes to the throwing and moving stuff. I didn't want to move anything else that may be holding the pot in that position.

Later on I went back to check it out and the bird was there. She is soo cute! And just ducks when I get close to her nest. She blends or camouflages really good. All I see is her blinking eyes!For the little that I was able to see, I would say it's a Carolina Wren. They say that Carolina Wrens nest in cavities.

I found the chairs, I'm not missing anything else, and it would be rude to disturb a nest. Oh well, I guess I will have to wait to clean that shed some other day.

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