When I Move Plants

Today was a rainy day. If I had plans for the weekend I would be a little bummed. Not this time, I was glad when I saw the weather forecast, raining on saturday. I started to move plants friday, but I get tired easily and had to slow down. And I made plans to wake up early, and didn't happened. I still used as much time as I could before the rain.

Moving plants the day before or on raining days, is the best time to do it. I believe that there is something in the water from the clouds, and not being sunny, that helps the plants not get in shock.

Sometimes, if I have the energy, I get a rain coat and move plants when it's raining! I know! I had some teenager neighbors that looked at me sideways. They probably called me the cuckoo plant lady! I don't blame them! It's weird to see someone gardening in the rain.

Me on friday, with a foxglove in my hands, they look like big lettuces.

I try to keep my hands clean. I started with gloves, but they get on the way! And in the middle of gardening I took them off.

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