1/4 to go!!

Hola everyone.

Here is a picture of my cross stitching job. The last time I gave you an update on it, was last year in November. Then we went to Nebraska, at there I had a lot of time to just stitch. But then I got back home. Here I only stitch while waiting for my doctor's appointments, and while I wait when the kids do their extracurricular activities. I still think that I have done some progress. I'm almost done, about 1/4 to go!
I was shooting to have it finished by Easter, but it's only a month left. Not sure about that.

And I tried! Once a week my daughter goes to play with other homeschoolers, for two hours! I took the thing to the place, but didn't get to it. I end up chit chatting with the ladies instead. Oh well, at least I had a good time with my friends!

If you wonder how it will look when it gets finished, there is a picture of it here.

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