Last spring I planted 35 strawberry plants. I wanted to stop spending money buying my kids favorite fruit, but at the time of harvest I got like five of them. I lost interest in this plant, they also like to go the next vegetable beds, I was about to pull them out, but did not have time.

I stop taking care of them, didn't fertilize them, did not care if they make a jungle in their bed and so now I have like 100 of them all together.

Like a week ago I notice some red stuff, I have a lot of strawberries! the slugs and ants are so happy to have something to eat.

Because they are so crowded and did not fertilized they are small, still the kids and I picked up like 2 lbs.

I'm back into growing strawberries!!

Here I took a picture of the biggest one of a plant that is not crowded.

I need to fertilize, them take away their runnings and some plants I planted in their bed. hopefully next year I get these big juicy strawberries.

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