Window Screen

I remember the seasons because of what comes with them or what I do in them, go to the beach in the Summer, plant plants in the Spring, Thanksgiving in the Fall and so forth.

There are times that I'm not too happy about Summer, it gets to hot and humid, here in Virginia, it gives me a hard time to breathe when I go outside. But what really annoys me in the summer are the mosquitoes and the flies. I think flies are exceptionally annoying, and no matter how fast I close the door, flies make their way to my kitchen and all over the house. to make matters worst, some of my window screens have been ripped for the last 2 or 3 years. for some reason I thought it was a hard thing to fix, and I can't imaging how much a handy man would charge me to fix them. They have to be fixed if I want the flies out of my ice cream.

The kids and I got working on it, right there in the kitchen, and even with kitchen tools.

I had some window screen that someone had given me some years ago.

Not all of us were fixing the screens, some of us were creating, and experimenting. and we got some ideas of other uses for window screen like our caterpillar cage. (coming up in another post)

And here is our all fixed window screen. It is the easiest thing to do.

We run out of screen spline and had to go to Lowe's for more. There we found a this tool to put the spline into the channel of the screening, it works much better than the butter knife.

Also we got some tips from here

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