My Garden in the Beginning of Fall

This is how my garden looks, most of the Summer plants are done blooming, and the mums are getting ready to bloom. When I see this many buds I wonder how many there are, I have tried to count them, but always stop around 5 or 6. Are you bored? Would you like to have something to do? maybe you can click on the picture to make it big and count them.
Here I have a red Dalia called Ready it has been faithful blooming since spring. I have many blue blooming plants. The one in the bottom is called Plumbago, to the left in the middle is the Monkey Grass, to the middle right is a type of yellow coreopsis, this one also is been blooming for a long time, and above it is the blue balloon plant .

Here is the Aster, I have 3 of them, this one looks very good, but the other 2 are not looking so good, I think the heat of the summer makes them look brownish, or maybe I had to do as the mums, keep cutting them until June.

and here is one of the mums half way blooming above it is another blue plant, this is salvia, I planted this one from seed last year. The brown looking plant on the right is the gaura, its all done blooming.

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