Breaking News!! Inmate caught escaping!!

One of the things we learned about hamsters is, that they always are trying to escape. We have the evidence! Right here, in Friends in Virginia! And by the way, did you ever wonder if hamsters really have a nose? Well, take a look for yourself. That, right there, is not a dot, that is its nose! Yes, they do have a nose!And here is the international creemeeneeaal, almost out!

We never thought that it will learn to twist and push the little door of its cage.
Some how she pulled the door in, sorry I missed that shot.Look at that!Shes out! Somebody stop her!And as I'm here typing this news, the hamster-owner/hamster-expert came to inform me that hamsters are escape artists. I can see that lady!

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  1. If I let Evan read this, he will NEVER get one. They already freak him out, and that's them in a cage! Poor kids... no hamster for you, they could get out. But man alive, if we did get one, and if it did get out and I saw something scurrying round the house... I would FREAK OUT too!