Do your children ever pretend to speak another language? Do they make their own "hieroglyphics"? I don't think my children are the only ones that pretend they speak another language and have "invented" their own "hieroglyphics". I think children are fascinated, by another languages and another alphabets. I said this because of myself when I was a child. And the teacher taught us History. Then I wished he will keep talking more and more about the long time ago Egyptian's way of writing, or the way the Arabic and Chinese people write and speak. And he did, he explained much of it, but the History class was only for me to know that some people long ago had this very unique way of writing, memorize some dates/time periods and that's it. That's all I learned about hieroglyphics.My children spend long periods pretending with their stuffed animals, they called them puppies and animals. Most of the time they pretend they speak Ewokese, the language of Ewoks, the little characters from Star Wars, they try to make all those funny sounds.I just laugh at them quietly. I think it's cute and funny, that they do that, because I remember myself pretending I spoke another language, when I was a child. But I don't remember "writing/inventing" my own hieroglyphics. They are ahead of me!
Both of them like to read Archeology, History or books that speak of the way people communicated long ago. They have also made some time of scroll looking thing, but I kept it for memories, in a very safe place that I can't even remember.
Fritzy is for F, why? is for y. Remember Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, how professor Jones said that X never marks the spot and at the end X did marked the X spot? Well here in this high sophisticated alphabet X is for X too. Very interesting!
We found some cool sites about Hieroglyphics. This one has other languages to look to. And this one lets you translate what ever is in your mind to hieroglyphics.

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