Red Tulips

Some time in March, when all around us is brown, the daffodils come. These bright flowers really cheer us up! Their flowers last for about one month. We can see them all over the place, even out there in the woods!

But then, they turn brown and they look really messy. At that point, I don't want anything to do with yellow flowers! At the beginning of my gardening journey, I used to feel bad about seeing the yellow tulips, that I bought and planted in the fall, and not liking them. I didn't know, why I was not into yellow tulips. Now I know. It's because all the yellow daffodils, that I had seen for a month! Since then I don't buy yellow tulip bulbs anymore. Last fall I only bought red ones. So this is what came out of, what the kids tought to be devil horns!

The following three pictures are from the same spot, but I couldn't decide which one to put!

I like this one because all the ivy on the tree and because of the way the tree branch "frames" the view.

I like this one because of the sun's rays.

Then I thought that all that light makes it look blurry. And I came up with this one, without the sun's rays.


  1. I like all three as well.. for the same reasons! I've missed you in blog world!

  2. I went missing in action, and they came and rescued me!! So stand by, I'll be posting more often!

  3. Leticia, your spring garden is beautiful!

  4. Thank you Renee! I can't wait for Maine to get warmer, so I can see pictures of your Spring flowers!!

  5. The tulips are beautiful. We have red tulips down the street from us, so it makes us feel connected to you in Virginia. Your photos are always so artful and pretty. Good composition and such deep colors. It's so great to be done with winter and back into the yard and garden, isn't it?