Beginning 2012

I don't do New Years resolutions, I don't keep up with them, and they make me feel guilty for not doing them. For me, when I see the need to change the way I'm doing things or, if there is a habit that I think it'll be good for my life, I just start doing it right there. No need to wait for a new year.
But in December we traveled to Nebraska. To spend the holidays with friends. At their house I didn't have to do all the things I do at home. It was a good vacation, with lots of rest, and plenty time to just think. It made me slow down, and that gave time see the beginning of a season, the new year.Somehow I wanted to begin it by being more productive in the things that I enjoy doing for fun. They are photography, cross stitching, and blogging. I have been doing these things for a awhile now, but not in the way that I want. Just a little here and a little there, or whenever they come in mind.Being a mother is my main job. And I also know that my condition interferes with me doing these hobbies. That's why I came up with some type of plan. A plan that will help me concentrate only on the things that are good for me. You'll be surprised of how much time I spend on things I don't have any interest on. And because of all those distractions, I have neglected things that are fun and good for meI got so excited, that I went out and took all these pictures, and hundreds more.

Everything was brown, except for me! I put some color to the brown Nebraska with my bright colorful clothes. :)

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