July First

At my garden after church.

This weekend was really hot in my area. I took the kids to Water Country, the best thing to do on a hot weekend. We could of have gone to the beach, but I'm pretty sure it was packed. It gets so crowded, that it's hard to walk!

We also got some crazy thunderstorms! The power went off for a minute, but thank God, it came back soon. It's not good to be without air conditioning on a 100+ degree temperature.

I'm also grateful that there was no damage to my home! I got some friends that had to spend their weekend cutting big logs from the trees that fell on their yards. One of my friends posted a picture of a tree that almost fell on their home! Thank God that tree was not taller, it would of done some big damage!

(Life got me busy, this is my post from the weekend of July 1rst.) But you still love me, right? =)


  1. looking pretty!!!! I saw you were following me in facebook, so thanks so much... do you want me to follow you back???? where????

  2. You look lovely ! I like the white dress on you :-) Kisses

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