Finaly it was time for the rodeo again! I love to go to the rodeo! It's so cool to see all those farm animals and how those cowboys and cowgirls ride them.

This girl here is the Rodeo Queen, her name is Gina Jespersen. That black horse is soo beautiful!

And this one too, I don't know if this is the same horse. I love black horses!

But this black and white was my favorite out all of them I saw that night.

So cool to see a bunch of people wearing hats!

The horse below didn't want to go out of his little square! They tried one more time but the horse didn't feel like going jumping around in the dirt and making the Nebraskans scream.

Those pink shoes look soo good on this horse! Must be a girl's horse.

And there were bulls at the end of it, but my city kids were tired so we had to leave. Can you believe it? Grrrr!! I will have to go by myself next time!

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