Gingerbread House Recipe

I hope the Thanksgiving Turkey doesn't get mad at me! 
But my Zumba instructor pointed out that this year the Christmas season  is going to be shorter 
than the previous years. Thanksgiving is at the very end of November. 
She even made us do Zumba with a Christmas song!

At first I was resisting it, because I didn't want to lose the Thanksgiving spirit. 
But now that I think about it, Christmas always sneaks in and out of me pretty much every year 
and the next time I take another glance at the calender  it's already Valentines Day! 

I'll just go with what the  Zumba lady said and I will start thinking Christmas thoughts now.

Some years ago the kids and I made a Gingerbread House. But by the time we got all the ingredients
and got going with the process, it was already December 25th!
Then the painstaking Gingerbread house was pushed somewhere in the back 
because it was time to celebrate New Years and Valentines!

I want to make a Gingerbread House again this year.
 And I will not wait the the last minute this time, I will start getting ready now.

I will be using this recipe here. It also comes in  PDF version
This is the same recipe we used last time, I hope we get to enjoy the making of it this time.  
Last time was a little challenging, since it was our first time constructing a Gingerbread House and had no idea if all the hard work was going to end up well.


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  2. I hope you do complete a gingerbread house this year!