One of my Favs

This is what I came up with on Day 2 for the picture challenge I'm doing with the Instagram ladies.

The theme was Grateful. 
I like to read the Bible, it helps me get a good sense of perspective and gives me hope. 

And do I need hope! Things are not always sweet lollipops. 
So I hold on tight to scriptures like the one above. 

I'm not  here in this world like a ship without ruder in the middle of the ocean. 
No, God has great plans for me. 
And He has mapped the course of them in my life. 
I already have seen it too many times  in my short life. 

And for that I'm grateful!

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  1. I'm so glad you are joining us on #capturingblessings - it's just another way to keep our eyes open and focused on the giver of all good gifts!